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Kenner League History

As basketball's origins in Washington, D.C. have a Georgetown connection, so too does one of its great traditions: the summer league.

For decades, schoolboys in Washington would spend summer weekends competing against teams from a cross town, honing their skills and learning to respect one another. For many of those years, teams competed in segregated leagues, but the rapid demographic changes in Washington between 1950 and 1970 (where a 65% white city became 71% black within a generation) brought a new outlook to the summer experience.

In the 1950's and 1960's, places like Luzon, Turkey Thicket, Sherwood, Kelly Miller, and River Terrace were the proving grounds for the next generation of college (and NBA) talent. In 1970, a group of high school, college and pro players began competing in the DC Urban Coalition League, settling at Dunbar HS after previous stops at American University and UDC. And in 1981, a new tradition began.

(via The Georgetown Basketball History Project)


Kenner League Semifinal Games

All Kenner League games are free to attend

Sunday august 4th

3:00PM: #1 CLYDE’S vs. #6 A. WASH & ASSOCIATES


“...you always knew you were getting the chance to play against the best...”

- jerome williams aka junkyard dog // retired nba power forward




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